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From an initial idea, through to design, construction, sourcing and and the finished project, 620XSTREET will smooth the process and enable you to enjoy bringing your vision to life.

Each space we design is unique to the home or business owner. We ensure that we design and execute your vision, not ours. However, we bring our own eclectic perspective to each design, to create modern, warm, and individual spaces. Key to this is utilizing awkward spaces, mixing new construction with vintage and antique furniture and being hands on in the build and finishing stages.

Staging can be required for many reasons outside of the more commonly known reason of selling your home or business. 620XSTREET works with home and business owners to stage for special events, from the holidays to important hosting duties, through to photoshoots.

We dress spaces with stylish and unique furniture and art, and ensure that, depending on the purpose of the staging, our design is practical, effective and economic.



The devil is in the detail! Sometimes you just need help pulling it all together, or assistance solving a specific challenge. Maybe you need a few additional pieces of art or furniture and don't have the time or the network to find what you require.

At 620XSTREET our strength is in pulling together cohesive and interesting spaces. Our styling projects have ranged from extensive total home renovations, through to individual room styling using our clients current room layout and belongings, with us changing paint, or carpentry and supplementing the furniture, art and objects with carefully curated pieces we source, and where applicable refinish.


With our video consultation service we put the control of the topic in your hands. We offer sessions in hour blocks and can help you scope your projects, discuss a floor plan, provide recommendations on colour plans.... or just brain storm your vision! Sometimes you just need a sounding board to help provide clarity in your decision making process!

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